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The Ivy Hotel Teaser

The 35,000 square ft. hotel will feature 18 guest rooms along with a music room, tea room, breakfast room, garden and spa…

The Ivy  hotel isn’t set to open until April 2014, we here at DC Life Magazine were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the $20,000,000 luxurious masterpiece. The property, which is owned by philanthropists Sylvia and Eddie Brown, is located in the Mt. Vernon district of Baltimore and is the former Inn at Government House. World class hotel expert, David Garrett, and developer, Martin Azola, are the two leads on the project and have a have a whole lot in store for the look and feel of the hotel. The 35,000 square ft. hotel will feature 18 guest rooms along with a music room, tea room, breakfast room, garden and spa. The entirety of the hotel will be private with the exception of the  restaurant which will be open to the public. The restaurant will have a private entrance for the hotel guests and will include a wine room and a menu that centers around American oriented cuisine to be prepared by a world class chef.  

In terms of style, Garrett and Azola say they are aiming for a “romantic” feel. Each room will be uniquely furnished with refurbished antiques and touches. The hotel will look like nothing Baltimore has ever seen before with the main goal being to highlight the antique and historical features of the structure. When it comes down to it Garret and Azola really want guests to feel that they are at home and can put their feet up. 

However, the luxurious plans and furnishings are not the only details that make this hotel special. The Browns have really put a lot of emphasis on community involvement, reaching out to local artists and students who could contribute to the project. Students from Morgan State University and other schools will come in as interns in the school of architecture and work with the developers to learn and refine their skills. Other students will come in as part of a documentary group and work with various members of the hotel developing team. In addition, the team has taken the opportunity to pair up with organizations who work with disadvantaged youth and have given them the opportunity to come and help construct the hotel in order to learn and develop a craft. These youths will also be trained in the art of deconsruction using the green movement as all of the materials coming out of the building will be recycled.  

The plans look amazing and the location is prime. There is also a lot of buzz and excitement over what The Ivy hotel will do wonderful things for the community and city of Baltimore. We can’t wait to see the final product!

The Editors

The Editors

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